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Innovative Steak-EZE® Breakfasts

Thursday, April 13, 2017

In 2017, the idea of breakfast being the most important meal of the day is officially back in action. With quick serve giants like McDonalds bringing customers all-day breakfast nationwide, in-demand brunch spots driving round-the-block lines and high-protein diets coming into style, breakfast is a promising opportunity for QSRs to reinvigorate their menus with new offerings. Below, a few ideas that QSRs of all sizes can use to start their day on a high note:

Steak, Egg and Cheese Sandwich  

On weekdays especially, the breakfast sandwich is king of mornings. Though sausage and bacon are historically associated with breakfast, McDonald’s has recently added a Steak, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich, an easy way to distill the larger protein-at-breakfast trend into one handheld product. Plus, breakfast sandwiches are always easy to customize, a simple way for QSRs to fit into the daily routine of your customers. Steak-EZE is the perfect companion for a fried or scrambled egg and sharp cheddar cheese, especially between two English muffins, a flaky biscuit or wrap.

Skillet Sensations

Denny’s breakfast skillets are popular options every day of the week, and easily adaptable for any QSR kitchen, whether you’re cooking on a flat top, cast-iron, or somewhere in between. Try a southwest twist with onions, peppers, cheese and fried egg alongside Steak-EZE – the just-like-homemade texture and taste of Steak-EZE doesn’t have – or need - anywhere to hide in this dish. This preparation lends itself well to lots of flavor profiles, too, so it has potential to go from a breakfast staple to an all-day option.

Classic Breakfasts

Steak and eggs is an American diner classic, but Steak-EZE makes it easy to prepare and plate on the fly. Steak-EZE is right at home among a plate of hash-browns, eggs, toast and a cup of coffee for a hearty breakfast platter that will stand out among ho-hum breakfast and brunch options in many QSR competitors.

Eggs Benedict

The demand for more upscale brunch options has swept across America, with innovative Eggs Benedict options leading the charge and driving margins on breakfast up, up, up. From smoked salmon to fried tofu to vegetarian options with avocado, an eggs benny option is a staple on any menu. Offer your customers a new take with Steak-EZE – this product’s tender texture pairs with poached eggs perfectly. Adding horseradish will complement the richness of the steak and hollandaise sauce for a fresh take on a brunch staple.


Savory Waffles

Everyone has a take on the Southern staple of chicken and waffles, with this combo becoming familiar and widely available to every corner of the country. Steak-EZE makes an out-of-the-box companion to fresh waffles, too, making it the perfect vessel for any flavor profile. Top a thick Belgian-style waffle with sautéed Steak-EZE and veggies, finished with a cheese sauce or tangy BBQ sauce for a breakfast-lunch mashup that belongs on any QSR menu 24/7.


While beef traditionally dominates lunch and dinner, Steak-EZE is the quick-serve, just-like-homemade taste that’s perfect for preparing breakfast on the fly, too. Adding innovative protein and flavor options can bring QSR breakfast menus from easy-to-ignore to impossible-to-skip with Steak-EZE.