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Labor Saving Menu Concepts

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Speed Scratch

Manufacturers have incorporated Culinarians in the innovation process thereby developing products that are further in the process of being “menu ready”. Kitchens now have to take fewer steps toward making the products unique to their needs. Balancing low prep menu items with more labor intensive food prep is a good way to ensure quality dishes, while keeping labor and food costs in line. Encouraging and training your kitchen staff to cross utilize ingredients will also help to save money and reduce food leftovers in the kitchen, which also impacts overall food cost. Having good food costs is important to your overall restaurant budget - small savings in the kitchen can translate into bigger savings over time.

Use Leftovers

Some restaurants have come up with recipes that use leftovers from food prep. Finding ways to utilize as much of the food as possible also maximizes your food investment. You should identify what products can and cannot be safely used the next day and take the proper steps to store them until they are needed. A consistent menu that incorporates leftovers can make a significant contribution to your bottom line.

Consistent Plate Cost

Anytime a restaurant can take a knife out of the hands of lessor trained personnel (less chance of accidents) or skip a step for a higher paid employee the better. Slicing and weighing can be very time consuming, driving up labor costs. By using “pan ready” /pre-sliced/pre-portioned products, the end-user can direct the employee toward activities that help the bottom line of the restaurant. Consistent portioning will make a huge impact to the bottom line and the customer experience. Every plate should cost the same each time it is served and customers expect to get the same portion every time they order a menu item. 

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