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Make Breaded Favorites from Scratch vs. Speed Scratch

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Consumers love comfort food, and for an operator that often that means battering and breading for a delicious crispy coating covering your favorite steak, poultry or fish. Anyone who has battered and breaded from scratch knows that this is a messy operation, with inherent waste.

Normally operators have ingredients on hand, like eggs, flour, bread crumbs and seasonings. A chef or employee drags the meat through a flour dusting, then the whisked eggs, and covers both sides with the bread crumbs and seasoning mixture. From there, the breaded meat should go quickly into the fryer for best results.

The first observation of this breading process is the amount of egg and breading stuck to the preparer’s gloves. The egg and flour congeals on your hands quickly making it is a messy process.

Too much flour, or not enough egg batter, and the breading will fall off into the fryer when cooked. This quickly dirties the oil and dirty oil means more frequent oil change overs. Oil can be expensive, time consuming to change, and this is an often hidden, overlooked cost of breading from scratch.

Setting up the breading station inherently involves waste where the eggs and the flour will be thrown out at the end of a shift.

Food safety concerns rise when breading from scratch. The eggs sit out at room temperature for possibly an unsafe amount of time. Or the breaded piece sits at room temperature before cooking for an unsafe amount of time. And if an operator breads several types of meat, there could potentially be cross contamination between beef, poultry, or fish.

And no two people bread the same way, some get a little bit of breading, some get a lot of breading on the meat, resulting in an inconsistent dining experience for patrons.

For a consistent dining experience, and easy preparation, operators should consider flavorful country fried steaks that have been breaded and quick frozen by a qualified manufacturer. It’s a profitable way to keep the comfort food your patrons crave on the menu.

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