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All-Natural USDA Choice Angus Beef Chuck Steak Burger is served on a whole wheat bun topped with a mixture of sliced beets, arugula and thinly sliced red onion tossed in olive oil and red wine vinegar. Burger is topped with crumbled goat cheese and cucumber and served on a seed bun.

Serving Size

Makes 4 burgers

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215-940 | All Natural Flame Grilled USDA Choice Angus Beef Chuck Steak Burger 4
beet (about 8 oz), cooked and chopped 1
packed baby arugula 1/2 cup
thinly sliced red onion 1/4 cup
olive oil 1 tbsp
red wine vinegar 1 1/2 tsp
salt and pepper Pinch each
seed buns or whole wheat buns, split 4
crumbled goat cheese 1/2 cup
sliced cucumber 1/2 cup


  1. Flat Grill: Preheat grill to 350°F and heat burgers for 8 to 15 minutes from frozen state, turning frequently to avoid excessive browning.
  2. Toss together chopped beets, arugula, red onion, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  3. Brush buns with a little extra olive oil and grill for about 1 minute or until toasted.
  4. Place burgers on bottom halves of buns; top with goat cheese, beet salad and sliced cucumber. Cap with tops of buns.

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