The PUB Steak Burger

Take one flame grilled bite.

We think you’ll agree that The Pub® Steak Burgers taste better than burgers cooked from raw. But did you also know that they increase food safety, speed up preparation, cook faster and clean up easier? Taste and experience the difference yourself.Contact AdvancePierre Foods at (800) 317-2333 today!

The PUB Steak Burger line of all beef, flamegrilled burgers are packed with better flavor than the competition. Our diverse portfolio of all-beef burgers includes:

  • Certified Angus Beef® brand best-in-class quality
  • USDA Choice Angus All-Natural
  • USDA Choice All Beef
  • Original Steak Burgers
  • Boldly seasoned Angus and all-beef burgers
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Beef Categories
Natural Burger
Mushroom Burger

Tenderbroil Patties

Great tasting burgers at a more favorable food cost that have been extended with either water, soy or other proteins. The Tenderbroil brand also includes beef alternatives, such as turkey burgers.

Why are fully-cooked burgers great for your operation?

Offer more consistency
  • The same great tasting burger flavor, texture and appearance every time
Fit any kitchen equipment
  • Prepare on a flat top grill, convection/conventional oven, microwave, turbochef
Provide faster speed of service
  • Fully cooked burgers re-heat faster than raw, so you can feed more customers and handle surge demand
Less waste during the cooking process
  • Save on food costs, labor & environmental impact
Better food safety
  • Protecting your customers