Breaded Beef/Pork

AdvancePierre® Foods is the market leader in providing breaded beef, pork, and veal for the foodservice industry. Our breadth and depth of product is unrivaled. Operators trust us to deliver great tasting, consistent, quality products to meet their breaded protein menu needs. We offer a full range of quality levels, sizes and flavor profiles to meet any menu application and price point.

Create New Comfort Classics

Comfort foods are those delicious meals that remind us of good times with family or friends. Foods that are reminiscent of a family recipe can sooth away the day’s stress.  In today’s fast paced lifestyle, there often isn’t time for consumers to prepare these at home, so a restaurant that offers a comfort classic like meatloaf, or a country fried steak can satisfy that craving. But today’s consumer is also drawn to something that is familiar but with a new twist. Younger patrons, especially, are drawn to cross-cultural comfort foods, foods they may not have been raised on but still appeal to their sense of comfort and adventure.

It might be a street food from Brazil that is, on the one hand, common to an indigenous person, but exotic and craveable by someone from a different culture. These comfort foods travel well to new geographies and can anchor the comfort spot an operator’s menu. 

When you think of country fried steak, for example, you think of a Texas or Oklahoma dish, smothered in white gravy and served with mashed potatoes and green beans. This classic dish is a favorite throughout the South and Southwest. How can you give this dish a modern twist and new appeal while still retaining that comfort-of-home feel? How about a Low Country fried Steak. A classic country fried steak, with a beefy flavor and crispy coating, topped with blue cheese slaw and shrimp. Serve with cheese grits and collard greens and this dish is sure to draw in the adventurous and down home eaters. How about a Korean inspired Bahn Mhi sandwich? Use a country fried steak with a crispy coating, cut a 4 oz serving size in half on a baguette and top with pickled vegetables and your signature Korean Bar B Que sauce.

Using country fried steaks already in your freezer for a classic dish, or new classic created by you, gives operators the versatile comfort food options that will keep patrons coming back for more.