Breakfast Fully Assembled Sandwiches

AdvancePierre Foods proudly makes sandwiches from premium meats, cheeses and sauces and serves them on hearth-baked, microwaveable breads made fresh daily in its own bakery. With a variety of brands, price points and packaging styles, AdvancePierre offers products with quality, convenience and value to help you grow your business.

Lunch and Dinner Fully Assembled Sandwiches

Convenient, on-the-go sandwiches are available for all occasions. From sausage biscuits to cheeseburgers to peanut butter & jelly, our fully-assembled sandwiches are individually wrapped and easy to prepare. The proprietary artisan bread made in our North Carolina bakery combined with high-quality proteins create a sandwich experience your customers will crave. AdvancePierre® Foods continually strives to provide your operation with the convenient, quality sandwiches that keep you and your customers satisfied.